Help with your time

Like many NGOs, Latitud Sur disposes of funds on an irregular basis and is unable to retribute all active persons in the organization.
Therefore we appeal to your generosity, with your time and skills through internships within our structure.

We are also open to any partnership proposition. In this case do not hesitate to respond to offers or send us a free application.
If you have a project already defined, we can study it and draw together a proposal for which we will look for funds. Once funding is obtained, you can manage this project within Latitud Sur.

Minimum Requirements for an internship in Latitud Sur:

Fluency in Spanish required.
CV in Spanish and optionally in French.
We only accept practices from 3 to 6 months and volunteers from 6 months due to the necessary time of adaptation and comprehension of cultural environment. The cost of your stay is at your charge (count 400 USD/month + airticket). In some cases we can help you with the lodge.

Specialties usually sought:


Propose your competences :

By sending your free demand

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