The team

William Wadoux_75px

William Wadoux
President Latitud Sur Ecuador


Philippe Gras
President Latitud Sur Peru

Adrien Tieche_75px

Adrien Tieche
Delegate for Mexico

JP Costa_75px

Jean-Patrick Costa
Delegate for France

Hernan Ormaeche_75px

Hernán Ormaeche
Captain of the Selva Viva

Arnaud Hugues_75px

Arnaud Hugues
In charge of our solidarity tourism activities in Peru

Silvia del_Aguila_75px

Silvia del Aguila
Agronomist engineer in charge of the “Chacras Integrales” program in Peru

Alejandro Hayes_75px

Alejandro Hayes Clavijo
Consultant in Natural Ressources Management

Willy Ramirez_75px

Willy Ramírez
Accountant Latitud Sur Peru

 Enrique Flores_75px

Enrique Flores
Agronomist engineer on Essential Oils project in Ecuador

Rebecca-Vangansbeke 75px

Rebecca Vangansbeke
Our correspondant in Belgium and reference
in Anthropology matters.

 Valerie Drevet_75px

Valérie Drevet

To this team, many people have brought their help and we would like to thank them for their past or current commitment: Please consult our honor list in the french translated part…

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