Fase 2: Reforcement of the ancestral agroforestry principle


ongoing PERU
October 2011
5 years

Main Objective

Improve health life conditions of the families of the Fray Martín indigenous community

Specific Objectives

  • Diversify the supply of the community to address nutritional deficiencies,
  • Enhance the use of traditional medicinal plants to address health problems and empower the community concerning their own health management, both preventive and curative,
  • Strengthen the financial autonomy of these populations by generating a new source of income saling the overproduction of food and healing plants
  • Introduce animals in the family gardens management

Action Area

  • Amazone province of Loreto


  • 4 Community around Fray Martin de los Porres, 1,000 inhabitants

Project carrier NGO


Local partnerships

  • KAPITARI Foundation

International partnerships

  • CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency)
  • Good Planet
  • Lea Nature

Institutional partnerships

  • IIAP (Instituto de Investigación de la Amazonía Peruana)
  • UNAP (National University of Peruvian Amazon)
  • Gorel (Regional Government of Loreto)

Obtained results
(or expected)

  • Families produce medicinal and food plants,
  • Families incorporate animals in their chacras
  • Families use medicinal plants produced on their land,
  • Families diversify their diet,
  • Families sell overproduction.

Site web reference

Actions in progress

  • There is a variant of the project with a reforestation activity on degraded lands around the community.
  • The outlook is also to implement the same principle of chacra in communities nearby.


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