To bring our support to indigenous communities is first to protect their environment. These communities can not be considered independently from their environment. Their beliefs are imbued with the complexity of their territories. Their lives are punctuated by the “mood” of the forest. Their survival depends on the richness of the Amazon region.

Main concern: deforestation. It is not limited to clearing. It can not either be resumed to the cliché of the evil multinational that come and force the territories of the friendly natives. Unfortunately it is the result of a circumstantial state.
In some cases, attracted by the gain, indigenous people sell off their lands to the productivist frenesy. Latitud Sur empowers local to free themselves from this immediate and punctual destructive financial ressource to protect their environment and to harvest in a sustainable way the fruits.

In other cases, communities simply do not have rights on their territories. Latitud Sur is fighting along with them for legal recognition of their sovereignty.
In a third scenario, finally, communities lack of the necessary knowledge to properly manage their forests.

Latitud Sur commits to providing them with this additional information through for example the training of forestal eco-guardians for it exists a second plague, which is the traffic of wildlife.

Through a partnership, Latitud Sur works for the reintroduction of animals recovered from the traffic in their natural environments.


To protect rainforests and their biodiversity is a priority. In this context, Latitud Sur supports as much as possible actions that avoid deforestation : we believe that protecting existing rainforests is a better solution than to replant cleared areas. By participating in this global fight to preserve our forests, we join this worldwide dynamic with tangible community impacts.

A global problem often goes through local actions.
At least, Latitud Sur is convinced of it.


Our environmental projects


Reforestation in Peru

financement partiel

Counrty: Peru
Mission: 100,000 trees plantation

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Reforestation in Ecuador

financement partiel

Country: Ecuador
Mission: 35,000 trees plantation

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Zero Deforestation

financement partiel

Countries: Ecuador & Peru
Mission: Legalization and preservation of natives territories.

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