Health & Education

Latitud Sur is committed on the field of health.

But far from improvising us as a “great healer” of indigenous people, we position us in complement to the existing local health services. The richness of indigenous knowledge in health is huge. We bring our knowledge and cares when these are missing. We strive to promote traditional knowledge when they are few or none considered.


Thus, Latitud Sur is fighting to improve health and hygiene of people in vulnerable situations by providing health services not locally available. Thanks to Latitud Sur’s boat, the Selva Viva, we can reach out remote populations to :

  • Make a diagnosis of the health status of these communities.
  • Bring effective healthcare services, preventive and curative (primary care, but also ophthalmology, gynecology, dentistry…).
  • Increase awareness about hygiene and perinatal care.

On another note, Latitud Sur is committed to show the value of these knowledge. The traditional indigenous medicine is an heritage to be preserved for its virtues, for its wealth. Latitud Sur fights along with communities to:

  • Identify, investigate, validate, legalize and integrate knowledge and therapeutic skills of traditional healers in primary health care.
  • Stimulate traditional medicine for primary health care system in order to give empowerment in native communities and prevent deseases
  • Extend production and transformation of the medicinal plants to the benefits of communities.

With the same precautions as for the health issues, Latitud Sur brings its support to the communities in the field of education.

An imperative: harmonizing the educational messages between traditional knowledge and emerging modernity. Latitud Sur integrates these two aspects in its programs which come as a complement to the educational system.


Our projects in Health and Education

Country : Peru
Mission : Reinforcement of the family botanical gardens from phase 1 (agroforestry extensions) and regeneration of degraded lands (reforestation).

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