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Latitud Sur is an NGO which offers cruises on board Latitud Sur’s boat, the Selva Viva, and other eco-touristic circuits, to fund its development projects.

In this, we are not a travel agency.

We work for many years with autochtonous communities, spread over territories of the Upper Amazon, and this is with them and with respect of these geographical and cultural areas that we assist travelers.

We reject mass tourism trips and prefer ethical, fair and supportive:


  • We constitute small groups of travelersand organize a limited number of travels per destination.
  • Our trips generate funds locally.
  • Our trips generate funds locally. We ensure that as many people as possible benefit of the tourism offered by Latitud Sur, without upsetting the local equilibrium.

The profits made are reinvested in development projects. We thus establish a concrete link, perceived by local people, between tourism and humanitarian action or solidarity activities.

We strive also to promote the cultures of the Upper Amazon in our projects. In this sense and as an example, we fought to preserve sacred sites and Huichol pilgrimage pathin Mexico (photo above).

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