Latitud Sur

Latitud Sur is a NGO offering cruises and sustainable and solidary trips in South America.

Travel to Peru, Ecuador or Mexico, helping to finance our development projects that benefit directly to the autochtonous populations. This is the reason why Latitud Sur is not a travel agency, but offer you to combine tourism and exchange. We avoid massive tourism as we don’t only have the goal to make profits. Our offers are nothing like classic tours, but are alternative trips, for some uniques and exclusive, to make you experience an authentic discovery.

By travelling with Latitud Sur, you will realise our strong implication as well as our proximity to a lot of indigenous communities. More than a touristic tour, we propose a total inmersion in the diversity of the cultures, the splendour of the territories, with a state of mind based on the exchange more than the consumption.

William Wadoux
President of Latitud Sur Foundation


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