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The Selva Viva is a boat concieved to be multi-purpose oriented for the reason it was initially destinated to serve in priority the development projects, from our organization or from others.

It has been since rearranged for the cruises proposed by Latitud Sur and which help financing these projects.

Two missions based on the Selva Viva are currently operated :

« Selva Viva for biodiversity» program

This programme contributes to obtain better life conditions for the indigenous communities all along the rivers of Loreto region. To reach that, the program intends to help local populations to better conserve and manage their biodiversity in a sustainable way, generating new revenues. It acts then on four topics :

  1. rainforest management : exchange of good practices
  2. medicinal plants : exchange of knowledge
  3. agroforestry : sustainable cultures & opportunities evaluation for rainforest issued products
  4. solidarity tourism : integration of new communauties in our circuits

Thanks to the « Selva Viva », then transformed in a school-boat or research-boat during or apart from tourism activities, the projet focuses on learning and exchange of knowledges in the four further mentionned domains. It benefits to some 300 000 individuals spread over the Northern part of Amazonia, from Colombia to Brazil and from Ecuador to Peru.

Medical Brigades

This programme aims to get better health conditions for the populations in vulnerability situation, offering a mid-term service in basic health, in dentistery and ophtalmology. Workshops of hygiene sensibilization are also organized. These brigades benefit to the communities settled all along the rivers of the Amazonian region of Loreto in Peru, which means several thousands of persons.

The programme, proposed by Arutam and Latitud Sur, with the Red Cross and Health Ministry’s technical support, is currently necessary due to the distances of these communities and the difficulties to access government health care services.

In this context, the Selva Viva allows more easily to reach them (navigation in this region still remains the most evident). These Brigades, constituted of volunteer physicians, locals or strangers, bring the opportunity, beyond the health campaigns themselves, to get a general diagnostic of these beneficiary communities’ health status.
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Discovering the rainforest biodiversity !

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