Sales conditions

Cruises selling conditions and terms

Booking one of our cruises means you must be familiar with the following selling conditions and terms


1.1 Inscription
Every reservation must be attached to the payment with a deposit, corresponding to 30% of the journey’s total amount. The deposit reception validates the booking if and only if the boat is available.
You will receive a reservation confirmation, confirming your deposit payment and proving your reservation.
The outstanding balance payment must be sent at least two weeks before the cruise departure date.

1.2 Method of payment
We accept transfer payments on the LATITUD SUR account, and check payment through our French partner, the Arutam association.
For more information regarding the payment process, refer to the attached payment sheet.

1.3 Fares
All prices shown are in US Dollars (USD).
Every transfer, foreign exchange fee, and/or any other type of fee must be paid by the costumer.
Prices can fluctuate depending on international exchange rates and local logistics costs; however the price cannot be changed within 30 days of the departure date.

Every travel fare includes several services as indicated in the cruise proposal.
These fares do not include:

– Additional costs and travel expenses outside of the arranged agreement with Latitud Sur (airport fees, taxis, trains, plane tickets, luggage overweight, stop-over costs).
– Cancellation, luggage and personal travel insurance, repatriation cover, civil liability; these insurances are compulsories for the travellers.
– Airports and safety fees.
– Administrative costs: passport, identity card, visa, vaccines.
– Sodas and alcoholic drinks.
– Any meal not on the boat.


Every cancellation notice must be sent to LATITUD SUR by registered mail. The date we receive your cancellation notice, is the day of your cancellation.
Administration and insurance fees are never refunded; their costs are about 5% of the total travel amount.
Every cancellation from the customer leads to various costs.
The refund amount depends on your date of cancellation:
– More than 90 days before the departure: .
– From 90 days to 30 days before departure: lost of the deposit.
– From 30 days to 15 days before the departure: lost of 75% of the total travel amount.
– From 15 days before the departure: lost of 100% of the total travel amount.


Our cruises are designed for adults in good health.
For most of our travels, every minor must be accompanied by an adult.
Contact us with any questions

The maximum group size for our cruises is 10 people. We can accommodate a few more people, but please contact us for these exceptional cases. The services will not be modified and the travel conditions will be practically the same, except for sleeping accommodations.
LATITUD SUR reserves the right to cancel a departure if there are not enough participants for the cruise. This decision will be announced at least 28 days before the departure date. In this case, you will receive a full refund. We will also try to propose you a similar cruise in the near future.


Travellers are required to purchase flexible travel arrangements in case of unforeseen changes to the cruise’s itinerary. Travellers are also required to purchase travellers insurance in case of medical emergency. Proof of these two items will be required by LATITUD SUR at least 15 days before your scheduled arrival.


5.1 Operator’s responsibility
LATITUD SUR subscribe an insurance policy of civil liability in Peru for its journeys with the Selva Viva, boat owned by LATITUD SUR. It covers the consequences of its professional responsibility, notably personal injuries, immaterial and material damages. The civil liability concept varies depending on the country’s legislation; you have to acquire your own.

No refund will be made for persons who do not arrive on time for the scheduled departure of the cruise.

5.2 Traveller’s responsibility
We will not consider any protest concerning the journey’s fares. The traveller has to agree to the cruises fare before the departure, accepting at the same time that it is a packaged price, including several services which prices could not be previously determined by LATITUD SUR (non profit NGO).

Every traveller acts under his own responsibility and according to the travel insurance specifications he/she has chosen. LATITUD SUR cannot be blamed for any problems and failures of sanitary and administrative regulations, norms and/or customs (alcohol, aggression, conflict with residents or local authority, illegal drug activity, plant and/or archaeological removal).

LATITUD SUR does not have the necessary means to know its travellers health status and is not responsible in case of injury, accident or death during the journey. The suggested activities during these journeys are under the traveller’s entire responsibility, with full knowledge of the incurred risks and his/her health limits.

Administrative and sanitary requirements are the traveller’s responsibility:
Passport must be good for at least 6 month beyond the cruise departure. Biometric passport for those who travelled through United States of America.
Visa (if necessary, depending on the traveller’s nationality).
Vaccines required by the host country (yellow fever, etc).
Preventive treatment against malaria and dengue fever.


Travelling with LATITUD SUR means being conscious of sanitary and security risks, and, at times some services will not be available, because of a remote location.
The traveller assumes all responsibility concerning the accidents or death as well as any reactions or impacts by his/her party (husband, family and friends).
Given the style of cruise, issues may arise causing changes or adaptations to the cruise schedule. The traveller accepts the possibilities of adaptations and changes on the foretold program.


LATITUD SUR is not responsible for lost or damaged luggage, by other travel and/or airlines companies.
During the cruises, luggage falls under the responsibility of each traveller and is not the responsibility of LATITUD SUR.


Accommodation conditions can change from one country to another and even from one year to the next.
Our cruises are not designed for luxury travel conditions. We offer shared bedrooms for single travellers with 2 beds per room, and for couples we offer single rooms with a double bed. These conditions are ideal, however if there are more travellers, sleeping conditions may change. If this occurs, travellers will be notified in advance.


The cruises are all inclusive, except for alcoholic beverages and sodas, however fresh tropical fruit juices are always available.
All meals and food is included as well with our kitchen staff specializing in local and international cuisine. Special accommodations will be made for people with special dietary requirements.


Travellers are responsible for making sure they arrive on time to the pre-arranged location. If travellers arrive late there will be no refund.

LATITUD SUR is not responsible for flights, trains or any other previous transportation delays, which may cause the travellers to be absent or late. If the traveller could not join the cruise departure as scheduled, he/she has to join the group at his/her own expense. He/she can contact LATITUD SUR to facilitate his/her delayed arrival on the boat.

LATITUD SUR is not responsible any delays that may occur with other travel institutions such as airlines, airports, trains, buses, etc. The traveller should purchase refundable or flexible travel options beforehand to assure secure travel before and after the cruise.


The force majeure cases which could lead LATITUD SUR to cancel the journey are for example: local worker strikes, sudden economical crisis, natural disaster (earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, etc.). In these cases, LATITUD SUR will refund 95% of the total amount.
LATITUD SUR is not responsible for other travel arrangements made by travellers outside the scope of LATITUD SUR.


The traveller information given to LATITUD SUR and/or its partners, on its website and/or on any other documents will not be shared or given to any other organization.
In accordance with the article 27 of the “Loi Informatique et Libertés” (French law) of January 6th, 1978, the required information for LATITUD SUR is indicated with an asterisk.
Other information is used to better serve you and your specific needs while travelling with LATITUD SUR.


The LATITUD SUR website and its domain name have been validated with the authorities. All information on the website is the exclusive property of LATITUD SUR, in accordance with the articles applicable on intellectual property rights. These elements are registered and protected via the national institutes protecting the industrial property. Every reproduction, representation or modification and diffusion, even partial, cannot be made without LATITIUD SUR’s agreement, under pain of judicial prosecution.

Links: The LATITUD SUR website has links to others website. LATITUD SUR cannot be blamed for the dysfunctions, contents or consequences caused by these links to the internet use.


The selling conditions and terms are under the Peruvian law authority. Every dispute on its interpretation or execution, are reported to the Lima commercial Courts, which will carry out the legal proceedings.

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