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ptchamanTraveling with Latitud Sur means traveling in a fair trade and sustainable way.

Beyond its economic benefits, tourism can also cause its share of problems, such as loss of cultural heritage, economic dependence and ecological degradation. By travelling with Latitud Sur, you will support values such as the ethics, the equity and the solidarity.

Ethical travel is a tourism in small respectful groups and local customs, without ” folklorisation “, as closely as possible to the current realities, Our guides on-the-spot know well the visited region or live there in order to facilitate for the best the meeting with the local populations. On this way, we only constitute small groups of travelers (10 persons maximum) and organize a number very limited of journeys per year on every destination.
Besides, our guides are involved for the greater part in our actions of local sustainable development.

Fair trade tourism is a tourism which generates locally incomes for the possible largest number of people, while attempting to respect and to support traditional community forms of resource management and decision-making, without disrupting the local balances. Then, we use the services of native guides every time it is possible. Furthermore, we pay a community remuneration in the visited villages and the management of our tourist programs is operated in a associative way with the various community institutions.

Solidarity or Social tourism is a tourism which clears a substantial share invested in the sustainable development of the visited regions. It becomes established then a concrete, perceptible link by the local populations, between tourism and humanitarian or united aid. The travelers often have the opportunity to notice these concrete actions during their visit. Subscribing to these imperatives, Latitud Sur puts back 25 % of its profits to a local program of development. Moreover, Selva Viva, boat of Latitud Sur, brings a medical care to the isolated native communities of the High Amazonia (Peru, the West-Brazil, East-Ecuador) during its medical brigades.


ptchamanTraveling with Latitud Sur means enjoying unique services

Our knowledge in the field allows us to give to our journeys a qualitative character which makes them unique.

Accompanying quality

The guides are fascinated of this continent and its cultures. They of course, speak fluently Spanish, even certain local languages, and they will share with you the subtleties of the native cultures. Beyond the simple translation, they establish a bridge between your culture and native’s one, bringing to a better understanding of our native hosts. In the case of shaman initiation journeys, they help you to interpret your new experience, by separate the wheat from the chaff. They will also share with you their experiences so ethnological as personal in the face of these practices. This support seems to us fundamental to avoid the setbacks and the risks bound to this discovery and de facto let us disadvise generally from the people to try this experience in a solitary way.

Local partners quality

You get Latitud Sur experience with our partners, among whom most of them work with us on development projects. You thus have the guarantee to never be confronted with quacks and we will protect you from experiences which – especially in the frame of shamanism – could become dangerous.


Latitud Sur fights against the “folklorisation” for tourists. The choice for our trips is based on respectful relationship where we prefer to show you the reality of communities life without hiding the negative aspects from it. Likewise Latitud Sur fights prejudices and tends to bring down the western image of the ” good savage “, the ” shaman as a spiritual guide ” or of “underdeveloped” peoples. Besides, we do not consider our participants as simple consumers of exotic journeys and make every effort to make them live a strong human rewarding experience.

Travels originality

Most of our journeys are unique. In other words, no other organization proposes them, essentially because of the narrow links we established with communities. We also try to renew the proposals of journeys in the course of our development projects.

Trips for everyone

Several of our journeys can be made in family and constitue an exceptional experience for you as for your children. Do not hesitate to contact us to have more details.


ptchamanAnd now… the warnings

Forewarned is forearmed !

The Latitud Sur cruises are different journeys from classicals Tour Opérators. Our concern is to make UNIQUE every journey so that there is a HUMAN ADVENTURE closer to the expedition than to the prepared journey and repeated every week with dullnes

Here, the programs are indicative and may change EVERY DAY. In particular not to press on the visited communities, we adapt ourselves in the conditions of moment (seasons, weather conditions), to the decisions of the natives which receive us, without trying to oblige them predetermined activities, such as the folk dances to order. If they want to dance and to celebrate your coming, you might have to dance with them!

We evolve in a wild and nature, thus threatened. It is very different from a safari or from a planned monkey meeting at 9:30 am. It is necessary to get up early in the morning for an memorable encounter with wilderness world which all its beauty: the meeting will always be furtive and short-lived. Close-up photos being quasi-impossibles at these moments of the day, you rather may take advantage of atmospheres, the wide open eyes and the nostrils!

We are far away from a luxury hotel or big comfort. Selva Viva is a wooden, traditional and rustic boat. Its floors creak, its staircases are stiff. There is no air-conditioning, no individual bathrooms, just a friendly life in the closest to the people living near the river.

Latitud Sur looks for a public of enthusiasts, nature lover and thus of sobriety. We like accompanying all the naturalists fired to allow them to reach their dreams.

You are the warned. With Latitud Sur, we “do not make” the Amazonia, we become filled with it !

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